Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bathroom update addendum

Chris is under the house sawing pipes in half and just said "uh oh" is 8:50 pm...Lowes is probably closing in 5 minutes...he just cut the wrong pipe in half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bathroom update

So the bathroom has been torn down to the studs in most places for about a month now. So far we have...put up new insulation on one wall and Chris has put in new plumbing because it might leak at some point...som point being next week or in 3 years or never....but at any rate since he has replaced it, it is definitely leaking NOW! He is now on his 3rd try and the same section of plumbing. Third time is a charm though right...
We rented an obnoxious cargo van this weekend and brought the bathtub home from Home Depot after Chris "yelling" at me for 2 days that they do not stock bathtubs and it would have to be special ordered and delivered to our home. Then the plumbing fiasco began so the tub is just sitting in the living room.
That's it for now. All we have accomplised is the bathroom is warmer with new insulation.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bathroom Renovation Wins Over Patio Construction

We have officially now lived in our "new" house for 1 year. Since moving in we have put granite counter tops in the kitchen and painted the kitchen red....I love it, but cannot recommend painting dark colors ever again. We painted the living room and bonus room a khaki color and thanks to Christine's mom's good taste in paint color, we copied her and painted one bathroom sage green and a bedroom pale yellow.
It was apparent since first looking at the house with our realtor Amy...whom I don't recommend (I would be livin it up in my low country house in a Schieveling Plantation foreclosure if it wasn't for her, with my already landscaped yard and pre-existing granite counters and pretty colored walls....but that's another story). We opted for a bit of a fixer upper...cosmetic things mostly...but we knew we would be remodeling the bathroom a bit thanks to the electric blue floor tile. So after taking an official poll on Facebook....only voted on my Anna and Erin....we decided to fix the bathroom over building a flagstone patio in the backyard.
After going to Lowes/Home Depot at a rate of about 6 times a week for the past month I have come up with a plan in my head (hopefully they won't go and change their stock). I am getting a dark wood vanity, beige granite vanity top, and picked out "walnut" (AKA beige) ceramic tile for the shower and floor. I am also going to decide on a paint color before installing any of these things so I don't have to paint around everything once it is all in.
Chris is actually making a lot of progress tearing out the old stuff and pulling up the hopefully he will be good at putting it all back together. The toilet and sink is all out and the plumbing disconnected....I'm a little concerned that the CO detector went off today...too many sewer gases maybe.
I'll post some pictures of the progress!